3 Glamorous and Easy Fourth of July Party Makeup Ideas

3 Glamorous and Easy Fourth of July Party Makeup Ideas

Fourth of July is here, and everyone has made so many plans to celebrate this day.  Many will spend Independence Day by enjoying pool parties in the day and barbeque parties at the night. You will see red, blue, and white colors and sparkle everywhere.

If you are worried about your makeup looks then here are some amazing Fourth of July Party Makeup Ideas for you:

1- Play with Glitter

Is there anything better than a glitter eye? We don’t think so. Even if you are not good at doing makeup you can easily play with glitters. For this Independence Day makeup look, prime your eyes with an eye primer and then apply eyeshadow on your eyelid that matches your skin tone. Now take your favorite glitter palette and choose red, white, and blue glitters. First, apply red near the inner corner of your lower lash line and follow it with white and blue glitters. You can also apply winged eyeliner and falsies for a more dramatic look. Choose your favorite red lip shade and look super cool on Independence Day.  

2- Go Crazy with Stars

On the eve of Fourth of July, you will not only see the stars in the sky but also on the earth. To celebrate Independence Day you can also do makeup with stars. For this makeup look, you need star stickers that are easily available at stationery shops.

Wear makeup like you normally do and let the stars do the magic. Take any of your favorite colors and apply them either on the inner corner and outer corner of your eyes or at the nose and cheeks.


3-  Simple Makeup

If you are someone who doesn’t like fancy looks then you can also go for simple makeup looks. Prepare your face for makeup by using an organic foundation that matches your skin tone. Now take a light brown or pink color of eyeshadow and apply it on the lid and lower lash line and blend it properly. Now apply mascara generously on your lashes and your favorite nude color on your lips and you are good to go. You can also use glossy makeup to achieve this look.


For all these makeup looks, you can try organic Floral Brightening Anti-Pollution Foundation by Elvis + Elvin and their great Fullerence-C Setting Powder. By using these products, your face will be away from all chemicals and your makeup will stay!



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