5 Easter Gift Sets for Your Loved Ones

5 Easter Gift Sets for Your Loved Ones

Easter is all about peace, hope, and happiness and it should be celebrated with friends and family members. This year due to COVID-19 restrictions we can’t celebrate it with our loved ones but we can gift them something to tell them we miss them. As we are in the midst of a pandemic, we should be careful about our gift choices too. We should gift them something that is healthy and hygienic so they can stay away from viruses, germs, dirt, and bacteria.

Celebrate this Easter with your loved ones by gifting them these beautiful sets. Here is the list!

This set by Dr. Jacobs Naturals must be given to those friends who love Lavender or herbal products.

The Lavender Luxury set contains:

  • Lavender Foaming Castile Hand Soap,
  • Lavender Exfoliating Castile Bar Soap,
  • Lavender Castile Liquid Soap,
  • A cute bag.

 This set will make your friends calm and help them to relax. All the products in this set are made of completely organic ingredients and do not contain any harsh chemicals.


The Assorted Easter Egg Carton Bath Bombs by Soaplicity is the perfect gift for Easter occasion. The Easter Egg Carton contains 4 small assorted Bath Bombs and 2 Bath Oil Balls. These bath bombs are free from silicone, sulfur, phthalates and all other harmful ingredients. They also smell great and are good for the skin. Gift this set to those friends and family members who love taking bubble baths and they will be forever thankful to you. Just remember that the colors of this Easter Egg Carton will be random.

This Rose Voluminous Set by Elvis + Elvin can be gifted to all the women who want voluminous hair. The set contains a Shampoo and a Conditioner which is suitable for all hair types. The shampoo and conditioner are made from natural rosehip seed oil that nourishes and restores the damaged hair. Your hair will get extra volume and look shiny from roots to the ends. The hair will also become easily manageable and tangle-free.

Gift this Hard Wired Bearded Trio Gift Set by Soaplicity to your favorite men so they can always look on point. The gift set comes in a Masculine Gift Box which contains:

  • Beard Balm
  • Beard Oil
  • Soap Bar

The soap bar is great for the face and the body and will keep you clean and make you smell great. The beard oil is great for a soft and silky finish. It also helps to eliminate itch and flakiness from it. The balm gives hold and shine to the beard.

The Rogue T2 Hand Sanitizer Spray & Lotion Bar is packed by Soaplicity and is one of the best gift sets to give in this pandemic. Your loved ones will always remember you when they will sanitize their hands when soap is not available and they will thank you for this precious gift. The Rogue T2 Hand Sanitizer Spray contains 60.6% isopropyl alcohol concentration and also contains hazel and glycerin so the skin of your hands is not dried. The lotion bar will also hydrate your dry and sore hands and will lock in the moisture for hours. The packaging of both products is good and you can keep it in your bags or pockets wherever you go.

These are some of our favorite gift sets for Easter. You can check more out by clicking here.



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