6 Hot Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

6 Hot Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

Pets are as excited as we are for summers because they can walk and play longer outside. These little furry friends don’t really know that higher temperature means higher risks. These risks include flea infestation, dehydration, infections, and heat stroke.

Here are the six hot tips to keep your pet safe this summer:

  • Plenty of Fresh Water

Our furry family members don’t like stagnant water so provide them fresh water all the time. Wash their food and water bowls regularly and change the water at least three times a day. If you see any dirt or hair in the bowl change the water at once. Some cats love to drink running water, if that’s the same case with your cat you can bring a small water fountain for her.

  • Playtime with Ice Cubes

We know that your pet has its own favorite toys, but you can replace those toys with ice cubes. The ice cubes melt and slide around so let your fur babies play with them so they can get cool.

  • Give them a Bath

If your furry friend loves to take a bath, then you can give them in the summers without worrying about cold and fever. This will help keep your pet cool for a longer time.

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  • Keep them Under Shade

We know that your fur balls peep outside the window all the time but don’t let the sunlight deceive you. Pets can get dehydrated if they stay in the sun for a longer time and can get heatstroke too. Keep them under the shade when the sun is shining at its brightest from 10 am to 3 pm.

  • Don’t leave them inside the car

Your furry ball loves riding in cars, but you need to be careful while taking it out.

Cats and dogs inside a hot car can get heat stroke in less than 10 minutes, so don’t think that leaving them in the car for few minutes is not harmful to them. 


  • Don’t Shave Them

Many pet owners think that shaving fur during summers will help to keep their pets cool. This isn’t true at all, the fur protects the animals from both sun burn, hot and cold temperatures.


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