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A Safe Return Back to School

Unprecedented times call for extraordinary measures.

Whether it’s an in-person or virtual start to the 2020 school year, parents and caregivers have been inundated with information from schools about safety measures and precautions taken to ensure a safe return.  

Remember that feeling of complete parental validation when you witnessed your child cough or sneeze into an elbow or make it through the ENTIRE Happy Birthday song while washing their hands? So. Much. Has. Changed. But whether it’s elementary school or college, our safe and effective sanitizer has got everyone covered.

Sanitizer use for children

It Takes a Village

The beginning of the school year is notorious for holidays and sick days. The stakes are much higher for students returning to in-person instruction this year. As the schools do their best to create safe, clean learning environments and space for students to social distance, it is impossible for these institutions to accomplish this without the hygiene vigilance of students. Even with the best measures in place, so much of the success depends on the students’ ability to stay committed to healthy habits.

We’ve compiled a small list of ideas to help kids keep themselves and their school items relatively germ free, because we know that clean hands and proper hygiene in school directly benefits the greater community. Most importantly, when using hand sanitizers, use them correctly. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends adult supervision for children ages five years or younger when using sanitizer.    

One of the biggest mistakes we make when using hand sanitizer is not using enough. Be sure to check out our blog post about proper application of hand sanitizer here, especially before sending kids off to school with sanitizer.

  • Keep a bottle of sanitizer spray in backpacks or pockets for easy access throughout the school day. At least a few sprays will ensure full coverage of hands including in between the fingers.
  • Our 2oz bottle is travel size, fits easily into most pockets and backpack pouches and makes it easier for younger kids to regulate the amount they use. How many little gel bottles swinging from a backpack key chain remain open after use, leaking or squeezed out all in a day? Asking for a friend…
  • Remind kids to spray down cell phones and devices. Do your kids have cell phones or other electronic devices they use during school? Yep, those need a good cleaning too. Our sanitizer spray is safe for disinfecting high-touch devices like phones, lap tops, etc. Be sure enough spray is used to cover the entire surface area and let it dry before using again.
  • When hand washing is not an option, students can still practice good hand hygiene. According to the FDA, when soap and water are not readily available, it is recommended to use hand sanitizer with no less than 60% alcohol. Our World Health Organization approved formula uses 80% isopropyl alcohol to kill 99.9% of germs, viruses and spores. It’s the truth; we can’t always use a sink when we need one.
  • Trust our sanitizer to keep hands clean when kids are on the way to and from school- whether they are walking, driving, riding the bus or taking any type of public transportation.




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