Best Sanitizing Wipes For kids

Best Sanitizing Wipes For Busy Moms

Busy moms need trustworthy sanitizing wipes to sanitize sticky hands, high-traffic areas like car doors and bathrooms, and take care of unexpected messes. We found the most effective, safe and nontoxic formulations with convenient packaging and no sticky residue! These sanitizing wipes are perfect to tuck into lunchboxes, stash in purses, or order in bulk to keep a supply everywhere around the house.

Dr. Brite Sanitizing Wipes

You know we love their hand sanitizer, so obviously Dr. Brite’s surface wipes are our absolute go-to for quick cleanup of sticky messes and sanitizing hands on the go. These wipes are the best for CDC standard level disinfecting with no unpleasant small or sticky residue.

Medical Grade, Nontoxic Formula

Dr. Brite formulations for sanitizing wipes go above and beyond with 70% medical grade alcohol exceeding CDC sanitization recommendations. All their ingredients are vegan, cruelty free and nontoxic, so they are safe for use on kids’ hands, counters, and high traffic surfaces like bathrooms and doorknobs.

Some sanitizing wipes can contain harmful chemicals like methanol and chlorine which are harsh on delicate skin and can be dangerous if accidentally consumed. All of Dr. Brite’s sanitizing products are methanol free, bleach free and chlorine free to protect you and your family! These wipes are safe and effective for all uses, from wiping little faces to sanitizing car doors for carpool.

Convenient Packaging and Soothing Scents

No harsh chemical smells here! Dr. Brite’s sanitizing wipes come in festive seasonal scents—like Balsam Pine and Winter Air—or soothing classics like citrus. They leave a pleasant aroma behind and no sticky residue, so you can pull them out whenever and wherever you need them

We also love these wipes for the convenient packaging. There’s no hard plastic, so it’s easy to pop them in a purse, diaper bag or car glove compartment! These perfect sized packages can be ordered in bulk, so you always have some when you need them.




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Softy Wipes

are a great option for those looking for multi-use sanitization in an alcohol free formulation. These sanitizing wipes are FDA approved and antimicrobial, tested to kill 99.9% of germs.

Alcohol-Free Formula

Softy makes their wipes with benzalkonium chloride instead of alcohol because they wanted to offer an alternative to alcohol-based formulas that offers moisturization and antimicrobial properties. The alcohol-free wipes are extra moisturizing, with added Aloe and Vitamin E to protect and soothe skin.

While the CDC does recommend that all hand sanitizers contain at least 60% alcohol, many studies have shown that benzalkonium chloride is effective, safe, and can be more moisturizing than other hand sanitizer options.

Multi-Use, No Residue Wipes

Softy wipes are extra-large and thick so that they can tackle any unsanitary mess you need them to. They are gentle enough for sanitizing hands and skin, but tough enough to wipe muddy puppy paws without ripping. These wipes clean and sanitize at the same time on almost any surface

The convenient wipes leave no sticky residue, only a fresh light citrus scent. There is no harsh chemical smell upon using, so you can clean without worry. It is worth mentioning that these wipes only come in one scent, so if you want a little more variety you won’t find it from Softy sanitizers. But, they do come in convenient packaging options, from packets to stash in a purse or car to a tub of 150. Our favorite option is the individually packaged wipes, perfect for sharing with a crowd!

The Bottom Line

These are both great sanitizing wipes for busy moms to keep in a car or purse!

If you are looking for a CDC compliant option with plenty of pleasant scents to choose from, we recommend Dr. Brite’s sanitizing wipes. Their 70% alcohol solution will keep surfaces sanitized and clean with no harsh chemical smell!

If you want a moisturizing, alcohol-free option, we love Softy wipes for their soothing Aloe and Vitamin E formula. Softy’s convenient packaging options make these perfect for a crowd or a purse as well!


Best Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

Dry hands, no more! The best hydrating hand sanitizer is here, thanks to Yield’s coconut oil-based formula. With effective 70% alcohol, you wouldn’t expect any kind of hydrating effect, but Yield’s mix of coconut and cypress oils fight dry skin and leave your hands smooth and clean.

We also love the purse-sized reusable spray bottle for convenient on-the-go sanitizing. The glass bottle is reusable, and the site sells 10oz refill bottles to keep you stocked!

Hydrating and Effective

Yield’s hand sanitizer contains a higher alcohol content than CDC recommendations and is effective at killing 99.9% of germs. The key to the hydrating sanitizer is the addition of coconut oil to counteract the drying effects of the alcohol. Soothing cypress oil locks in moisture to leave you with soft and smooth skin.

Yield’s sanitizer ingredients are always cruelty free, phthalate free and vegan. The nontoxic ingredients are safe for you and your family, and the fast absorbing formula leaves no residue on hands.

Chic Spray and Aromatherapy Scents

Another reason we love this product is the reusable spray bottle. Spray sanitizers are just as effective as other formulas and prevent you from dispensing too much in one go. They’ve also studied the products and found that spray sanitizers offer more uses per ounce than regular gel. The reusable glass spray bottle comes in chic, simple packaging and is recyclable as well.

The spray sanitizer comes in multiple aromas, scented by real essential oils with no unpleasant alcohol smell. The aromatherapy options include energizing Bergamot + Chamomile and calming Lemongrass + Jasmine. While all aromas are free of artificial fragrance, they also offer an unscented version for sensitive skin.


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