Do You Really Need a Lip Scrub?

Do You Really Need a Lip Scrub?

Our lips are one of the parts of our face that gets a lot of attention so they should look beautiful and appealing. No one likes dry and chapped lips.

One of the causes of dry lips can be not drinking enough water but if you are drinking more than 8 glasses of water in a day and your lips are still dry then you need to find out what you are doing wrong.

Our Lips need a bit of extra care as the skin on the lips is thinner and more sensitive as compared to the skin on other parts of the body. Most of us use lip balms before applying lip colors but we often forget to use lip scrubs.

A lip scrub is either a semi-liquid or soft solid base that contains tiny particles that remove dry and flaky pieces. Lip scrubs are a great way to moisturize the lips and remove dead skin cells. They also make the skin softer and make your lips kissable.

If you are looking for a lip scrub, then the good news is Soaplicity has one of the best organic lip scrubs. These lip scrubs are formulated with natural and organic ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients. The scrubs are available in small packaging so you can easily put them in your bag or pocket and take them everywhere.

Another great thing is that they are edible, so if you can’t wash your lips then you can just eat your scrub. The Soaplicity lip scrubs are available in two different flavors, one is the Mint Chocolate Pout Lip Scrub and the other one is Gingerbread Pout Lip Scrub. These scrubs promise to lock the moisture and make the skin of the lips smoother and softer.   


How to Use a Lip Scrub

Take a small amount of scrub with your index or middle finger and rub it on your lips using a circular motion for at least 60 seconds. Wash your lips with lukewarm water and follow it with a lip balm. You can also use a small clean brush with a small amount of lip scrub to slough off the dry and flaky skin.



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