Hand Sanitizers Every Mom Needs To Protect Against COVID

Hand Sanitizers Every Mom Needs To Protect Against COVID

Making sure your kids’ hands are clean and germ-free has always been important, and now you’re probably sanitizing even more than ever to protect against COVID-19. Some hand sanitizers can have sticky residue, unpleasant smells, and leave your skin dry, cracked, and irritated. The hand sanitizer you use every day needs to efficiently kill germs and follow CDC guidelines, but it also needs to offer hydrating properties to avoid drying out your kids’ sensitive skin.

As a mom, you want to be sure that the sanitizer you’re using every day for yourself and your kids is the best quality product you can find! We did the work to find sanitizers that are safe, effective, and good for your skin.

Here are our favorite hand sanitizers to protect against COVID-19:

Touchland Power Mist

The kids will love the colorful look and fruity smells of Touchland hand sanitizers. These small, minimalist hand sanitizers fit easily in a pocket or purse and dispense an even mist of sanitizer perfect for tiny hands! With 76% Ethyl Alcohol, this little cutie packs a serious punch, killing 99.9% of harmful germs. Safe and effective, it is also completely vegan and formulated with healthy ingredients like hydrating Aloe Vera and a blend of Essential Oils to leave hands soft and hydrated.

The selection of scents from Touchland is enticing, but we love that there is also an unscented option for sensitive skin! The sanitizers are not sticky at all and leave behind nothing but a whiff of sweet Vanilla Cinnamon or cooling Mint.

Touchland’s colorful sanitizers are top quality, dermatologist tested, vegan and cruelty-free! The brand believes that “solutions should not only fill a void; they should also bring you joy & improve your life,” and so do we! That’s why Touchland is also giving back to kids around the world.

They are donating 5% of their profits to send sanitizing hygiene solutions to developing countries. In countries where there is a water scarcity, hand sanitizers are crucial to ensuring clean living conditions for children to eat, drink and play. You can feel good buying Touchland products, knowing that they are keeping your children safe, and making the world safer for children in need.

Touchland offers Power Mist pocket-size sanitizers with 500+ spritzes for long-lasting sanitization. They also offer Smart Dispensers for your office or business with the same healthy product and colorful design!



Dr. Brite Hand Sanitizer

Our choice for peace of mind in uncertain times, Dr. Brite Hand Sanitizer contains 70% isopropyl alcohol that meets and exceeds the CDC recommendations to kill germs and viruses. Their products are vegan, cruelty free and non-GMO so you know they are safe as well as effective!

You will love the selection of hand sanitizer products, with fresh scents like Citrus, and seasonal options like Cranberry Cider and Pumpkin Spice. They also come in all different sizes, so you can stock up with some for your purse, your keychain, the car and all around the house. You can even get an eco-friendly gallon jug of your favorite scent to refill your sanitizers around the house!

Dr. Brite also offers cleaning products, toothpaste, face masks and even pet products, like pet cleansing wipes. Everything you need for cleaning yourself, your kids, your home and your pets is all right there, from a brand you can trust.

This brand is women-owned and is a certified B Corporation—acknowledging their work to be a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable company. They source all of their ingredients sustainably from the US, except for neem oil, which is derived from a native Indian plant.

You can feel good about purchasing from Dr. Brite, knowing you are giving back. Each year they donate 5% of their profits in the form of products or cash donations to local nonprofits to help their Southern California community thrive.

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Killing Them Softly

The gentlest hand sanitizer you will ever try, Killing Them Softly sanitizer is free of harmful chemicals and drying ingredients. Their naturally hydrating formula contains 70% alcohol so it is strong enough to protect against COVID and other germs, but gentle enough to use for the whole family.

Killing Them Softly uses a proprietary blend of powerful Eastern herbs and natural essential oils that will keep you safe, clean, and moisturized all day, every day. They use only 100% natural ingredients to keep you and your family safe, while offering maximum protection against germs.

The best thing about Killing Them Softly is the immune boost it gives by protecting your skin and using your body’s own natural germ-fighting capabilities along with CDC-recommended alcohol content for even greater protection. Just like the name, Killing Them Softly hand sanitizers actually kill germs more efficiently because they are so soothing.

Your skin barrier contains immune cells that help to protect your body from bacteria and harmful substances. When this barrier is intact it serves to guard you from the harmful elements around you. Killing Them Softly’s hand sanitizers use unique skin-soothing technology to protect your skin’s natural barrier and keep the skin's immune cells healthy and fighting infections and viruses.

We love this brand for the added aromatherapy benefit and the smooth finish with no lingering alcohol smell! The gentle fragrance comes from natural essential oils, with scents like Lavender and Lemon. These are powerful aromatherapy oils, offering stress relieving properties perfect for busy moms.

Their proprietary herbal blend includes Aloe Vera, Lonicera Flower, and Forsythia Fruit for their soothing properties and scents. You can also order their essential oil blends with their sanitizer to maximize the aromatherapy benefits!

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