How Hand Sanitizer Can Keep Your Family & Community Safe During Thanks

How Hand Sanitizer Can Keep Your Family & Community Safe During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner -- our unofficial holiday season opener we’ve all been looking forward to for what feels like forever. If you’re like us, you’re ready for a chance to celebrate. COVID-19 has kept us on our own for much of the year, and the holidays offer an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 hasn’t gone away just yet. According to the CDC, occurrences of positive COVID-19 tests have been on the rise since September. On top of that, flu season began in September, too, and reaches a peak in December, which means there’s an increased risk of becoming sick.

With the risks of getting the flu and COVID-19, it’s important to make sure our Thanksgiving celebrations are safe for everyone involved. In fact, if your traditions include gathering together as a big family (young children and senior citizens included), you’ll need to take extra precautions to ensure that higher-risk family members can stay safe during the festivities.

If you’re looking for alternate plans for Thanksgiving, here are a few suggestions:

  • Get together for a virtual dinner. Instead of hosting a meal at your home with everyone gathered together in close quarters, consider hosting a virtual dinner party. Family members can log on and see one another face to face while maintaining maximum social distance.

Tip: Send Thanksgiving preparation packages to family members and include themed paper plates, napkins, and a bottle of hand sanitizer for good measure.

  • Host Thanksgiving outdoors. If you live in an area where it doesn’t start to get too cold in the fall, you can host your Thanksgiving meal outdoors. Think “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” meets 2020.

Tip: Small bottles of hand sanitizer will make a funny (yet practical) place setting for your guests -- doll up the bottle with some ribbon for extra laughs.

  • Shorten the guest list. If you normally host your entire extended family, consider splitting up your one big gathering into several smaller ones at different households. Smaller groups of family members can gather together at multiple homes instead of having everyone together in one place. 

Tip: Make sure you have enough sanitizing supplies for your guests. Hand soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer reduces the risk of spreading germs!

How Are Germs Even Spread?

Thanksgiving festivities are a huge part of why we love the holidays, but they’re also opportunities for germs to spread like wildfire. Germs get into the body when we touch our faces. Kids over the age of two touch their faces about 42 times per hour, while us adults clock in at a not-much-better rate of about 20 times per hour. Yikes.

Here’s where sanitizer will especially come in handy during your favorite fall activities this year:

  • Passing around high-touch items -- passing the salt during dinner, playing board games, doing arts and crafts together with younger children
  • Touching high-traffic surfaces -- the bathroom door knob, in particular

We can especially reduce the risk of passing germs to and from each other by making sure the kids understand proper hygiene rules, as a kid’s number one priority often isn’t personal hygiene, especially when their cousins are finally coming over to play.

A Little Refresher on Hygiene Rules: For Kids and Adults

If our kids don’t have good hygiene practices, it’s likely because they just haven’t been taught properly. 

We can use the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to teach our kids to take better care of themselves hygienically, and to give a friendly reminder to the not-so-hygienic adults that will soon be sitting at our dinner tables. 

Here are five best practices for better hygiene for kids and adults alike:

  1. “Cover your nose and mouth.” We need to cover our noses and mouths when we cough or sneeze, using the crook of our elbow (and NOT our hands) to reduce the spread of germs. 
  1. “Clean your hands often.” Some people just aren’t big on hand washing -- kids especially. It keeps them away from all the action! You can make hand washing for younger kids by introducing fun songs to sing while washing, or using a scented soap your child loves. 

When hand washing isn’t an option, hand sanitizing is the next best thing. In fact, the CDC states that hand sanitizers containing at least 60% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol is effective in removing 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and spores from hands. That’s a powerful and easy way to help keep each other safe if you ask us.

  1. “Wear your mask.” Many children tolerate masks perfectly fine, but if your child is resistant, try explaining to them how important it is to protect themselves and others. Make wearing a mask fun! Consider a Thanksgiving turkey themed mask or allow your child to decorate or choose a mask of their own. 
  1. “Keep your distance.” Personal space is a hard concept for most younger kids, so consider teaching your child that their personal space is like an invisible bubble around them, and both they shouldn’t let anyone inside their bubble or go into others’ bubbles. 
  1. “Sanitize surfaces.” You can use hand sanitizer spray with at least 70% alcohol to sanitize non-porous, high-touch surfaces. Smartphones, tablets, TV remotes, door knobs, and countertops are all prime holiday tourist destinations for bacteria and germs to have their own party on.

If you happen to have some younger guests over for Thanksgiving, note that children under the age of six should generally be supervised when using hand sanitizer. If you need a refresher, yourself, on how to properly sanitize your hands, check out our article about it here.

Where Can I Get Hand Sanitizer for Thanksgiving?

For Thanksgiving and for every day, has you covered. Our hand sanitizer contains 80% isopropyl alcohol, meaning it gets the job done on both hands and surfaces, and all the other items available on the marketplace are all pre-vetted so you can be sure you’re getting the best sanitizers out there.

Family members of all ages will be sure to appreciate our two-ounce sanitizer spray bottles because they’re easy to use and won’t chap hands -- even those smaller hands that need sanitizing, too. 

If you’re planning to host Thanksgiving at your house, you’ll want a sanitizing kit big enough for the whole family. If someone’s sanitizer runs out, no problem -- you’ll have a refill bucket to keep the party going. 

Thanksgiving will be a little different this year, and you can make sure your guests choose gratitude and good hand hygiene by making hand sanitizer available to all.

As always, our hand sanitizer is available and affordable, so you don’t have to spend early to mid-November on a wild goose (or turkey) chase looking for sanitizing products in prep for Thanksgiving. 

You also won’t have to worry about paying an inflated price for our sanitizer, either. We’re committed to keeping our prices fair, no matter how the demand for hand sanitizer may increase this fall and winter. Period. 

As Thanksgiving rolls near, let’s remember to have gratitude in our thoughts, and sanitizer on our hands. 



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