Keep Your Home Germ Free and Sanitized by UV Care Ultra Germ Zapper

Keep Your Home Germ Free and Sanitized by UV Care Ultra Germ Zapper

Are you sure that your house is germ free? If you are answering yes, then you are wrong.

Viruses, bacteria, molds, germs, and specks of dust reside in that area of the house where our hands can’t reach, and our eyes can’t see.

We can wash or wipe the surfaces, but we can never completely eradicate the harmful germs. No house is completely sanitized and germ free by only using detergents or chemicals.

How to have House Germs free

This UV Care’s device is perfect for the sterilization of spaces for schools, clinics, offices, hospitals, and restaurants. This Germ Zapper sterilize an unobstructed surface area of 55 square meters effectively. You can set the sterilization time to 30, 60, or 90 minutes according to your own choice.

The UV Care Germ Zapper can be operated in two ways. It has a digital touch screen and a remote control. The adjustable swing arm is 180 degrees rotatable so maximum germs can be exposed to the sterilization process.

How to have House Germs free

easy to use. Plug the Germ Zapper into a 110 V outlet and lift the head gently to your desired angle. Now you can press the power button and choose the sterilization time (30,60,90 minutes). The activated voice prompt will tell you safety instructions and the lamp will be turned on after the time-delay. The sterilization process will begin and it will kill all the germs, viruses, and bacteria that are living in the room with you. After the given sterilization time will be completed, the device will automatically shut down. You can come back into the room and close the device and store it again for future use.

For best results, turn on the Germ Zapper and switch off the lights, close the doors and windows and draw the curtains. Also keep pets, people, and plants out of the room during the sterilization process. It has a great safety feature which includes an activated voice prompt and turns on after time delay.

It comes with a 1-year local supplier warranty and has a lamp life of 8,000 hours approximately. The UV Care Germ Zapper promises to keep you and your family safe and healthy.


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