Keep Yourself Safe Everywhere with the Wand and Pocket Devices

Keep Yourself Safe Everywhere with the Wand and Pocket Devices

Whether you are at home or outside, you need to have a clean and healthy environment. You don’t know whether the object you are touching or the air you are breathing is free from viruses, bacteria, and germs or not. So, we are going to tell you about some pocket and wand devices that will keep you safe everywhere. Check them out!

UV Care Sterilizing Wand is a great gadget that removes harmful viruses, allergens, bacteria, and molds by using UV-C light technology. You can sanitize your laptops, keyboards, furniture, carpets, mattresses, kitchen utensils, and pillows with the help of this device. This wand only needs 30 seconds to kill the bacteria and germs while it needs 5 minutes to kill the dust mites and drive them away. The working time can be set up which is between 10 seconds to 30 minutes. The sterilizing wand can be easily used by pressing the “On/Timer” button for 5 seconds and then setting the desired time and pressing the “Start/Stop” button.


Breathe Clean Professional Air Purifier is a device that you can take everywhere. It is UV and ozone free and releases 5 million negative ions per centimeter cube per second. Just wear this device and be germs and virus free as it will purify the air around you.

UV Care Portable Germinator 2.0 has the ability to kill germs and foul smell. It is light in weight and hence you can carry it wherever you want. This gadget uses two powerful sterilization techniques. One of them is UVC and the other one is ozonation. This germ killing device covers up to 10 square meters and is best for toilets, shelves, boxes and cabinets.


UV Care Germ Stick is the best device that will help to eliminate all kinds of germs and viruses with UV-C light technology. You can sanitize mobile phones, laptops, pens, markets, and keyboards with the help of this device. Just turn it on by pressing the power button, when the light indicator turns green the device is ready to be used.

UV Care Pocket Sterilizer is the best for sanitizing mobile phones, keyboards, doorknobs, high chairs, pacifiers, and laptops. It uses UV-C light technology to keep everything clean and sanitized. The Vogue collection of this pocket sterilizer looks adorable and comes in different colors.


These pocket and wand devices by UV Care USA are great and are lab-tested and chemical free. They are also quite easy to use, rechargeable, portable, and lightweight so carry them wherever you go.  


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