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We Clean Hands and Devices, Pure & Simple

From our packaging to our ingredients, we’re all about transparency and integrity. It’s pretty simple really. As you continue to navigate through the ups and downs of the coronavirus pandemic, we will continue to be your reliable source of safe sanitizer, and thereafter.

Sanitizer has become plentiful again in most regions of the US through major retail stores and online markets. While there is a wide variety to choose from, the FDA continues to issue warnings about unsafe sanitizer products and ingredients, reminding us that not all sanitizers are created equal. Read more about the latest FDA recalls.

Hand sanitizer recalls are still happening at some of the largest retailers. And worse, some of these major retailers continue to stock and carry sanitizers that have the toxic wood alcohol: methanol.

Beyond unsafe ingredients there is also confusing and/or deceptive marketing and product development aimed at getting any type of edge over the competition. Some companies are selling hand sanitizer in packaging that resembles beer cans, kids’ food pouches, water bottles and liquor bottles. And then there’s us… (oh hey, hi!)

We Clean Hands and Devices, Pure & Simple

Smells Like It’s Working

We are hard a work creating our next generation of sanitizer for those who love a good scent. We’ve learned so much in the development of our product and can’t wait to expand our efforts. But for now, we are grateful for our unscented “scent” to simply remind you that it’s working.

At Sanitizer.com we’re sticking with what we know- high-quality, effective sanitizer spray. No gimmicks, no confusion. Through incredibly complex and sophisticated branding sessions we decided our packaging should invoke responses of “this doesn’t look like something I should put in my mouth” and “this is clearly hand sanitizer”. We want you to feel confident in choosing our sanitizer spray to keep yourself, your loved ones and your high-touch surfaces and devices clean of germs and bacteria.

Whether you are a novice or a pro, our hand sanitizer will make you feel confident and prepared to use in almost any dirty hand or device situation.

May your hands stay clean and may our sanitizer never get confused for food or drink, cheers and stay safe!

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