Make your Baths Exciting by Soaplicity’s Bath Bombs

Make your Baths Exciting by Soaplicity’s Bath Bombs

Do you also love to take long and relaxing baths after a long day at work? Yes, we all do. An ideal relaxing bath comprises a silent washroom, a hot water tub, and bath bombs.

A bath is really incomplete without bubbles and hence we are here to tell you about Soaplicity’s amazing bath bombs. These bath bombs will help you to have a relaxing and calm bath.

These luxurious bath bombs are great as they are made of only natural organic ingredients so you don’t even need to worry about the chemicals, irritations, and allergies. They are made in a convenient heart-shaped puck and are smaller in size so you can easily take them anywhere in your bag. You just need to put either half or full heart under hot running water to turn your bathtub into a relaxing and luxurious bubble bath.

All of the natural bubble bombs are made of moisturizing shea and mango butter that softens and pampers the skin. It also contains 100 percent pure essential oils that perfume the skin and make the bath feel luxurious. 

And we fell in love with these bath bombs:

Be Calm Bubble Bomb

This Be Calm Bubble Bomb makes a perfectly relaxing and scented bath. As the name shows, it will help you to be calm as it contains Lavender, Chamomile, and Frankincense.

You will feel so much relaxed after taking the bath!

 Just Breathe Bubble Bomb

The Just Breathe Bubble Bomb is great if you have caught a cold or flu.
This bath bomb contains strongly scented head relieving eucalyptus and menthol laden corn mint which makes the person tension-free.


Euphoria Bubble Bomb

The Euphoria Bubble Bomb is a must-try. It is so relaxing that it will make you feel like you are taking the bath in the river.

The scent of this bubble bomb is earthy floral.



Hot Pink Mess Bubble Bomb

A Hot Pink Mess Bubble Bomb is for all young women who love the sweet, spicy, and warm scent.

You will smell like a sweet flower all day.

 Lavender Kiss Bubble Bomb

Lavender Kiss Bubble Bomb is a deep orange-lavender scented bath and its scent is so relaxing.

You will feel relaxed and calm after taking the bath.


 Lemon Rose Bubble Bomb

The tangy lemon floral lemon rose bubble bomb is a must-try as it will make you feel like you are taking a bath between a garden full of roses.


Rejuvenate Bubble Bomb

Rejuvenate Bubble bomb is the great answer for achy and sore muscles.

The bubble bomb contains wintergreen and Helichrysum essential oils that are pain-fighting and ache-reducing.They also help to relax the muscle and give your body relief.


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