Our Exciting Giveaway for the Daring Women Entrepreneurs

Our Exciting Giveaway for the Daring Women Entrepreneurs

Yes, you read it right, we are so happy to announce a giveaway solely for strong women entrepreneurs.

We want to give back to the women in Women’s History Month and hence we came up with this campaign.

Women-owned businesses are necessary to a nation’s economy and hence everyone needs to support them as much as one can. The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us and small businesses owned by women are one of them. We know the struggles and the hard work of the women during the pandemic and have decided to give them a helping hand.


Our Women-Owned Small Business Solidarity Initiative has launched to tell the world that women are not equal but better and they should be given equal opportunities as well. In honor of all women whose strength inspires us every day and as a way to say Thank You to them, we have decided to donate 960 sanitizer bottles for the value of 5000$ to be distributed among 5 women-owned small businesses. This giveaway will start on 14th March and will end on the 24th of March.

How to Enter into Giveaway


It is quite easy; you just need to tag your favorite woman entrepreneur and her business account below our Giveaway Instagram post. You can tag them as many times as you want as the more entries, the more chances to win. The initiative will close on 24th March and the winners will be selected randomly on the 25th of March. Each winner will be contacted directly via direct messages and will be given 192 hand sanitizer bottles. So, vote for your favorite female entrepreneur as much as you can.


Why have we chosen sanitizers?
The sanitizers are chosen because we are dealing with a corona virus pandemic and it has become necessary to be germ and virus free while working.We want women to be happy and healthy, so we want to give 192 bottles of sanitizer to 5 owned small businesses. This giveaway is for US citizens only so only tag the women-owned small businesses in the United States. We believe that you will take part in this campaign and will help the women entrepreneurs.


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