Our Top Pick of the 3 Best Yoga Retreats Around the World

Our Top Pick of the 3 Best Yoga Retreats Around the World

In this fast world, we need to pace down and relax a bit to recharge ourselves. A vacation to your favorite place is the best idea to recharge yourself but why not add self-care to the list too?

If you want self-care and vacation both, then you can satisfy your wanderlust with a yoga retreat. You will feel a lot better and more relaxed.

Here are our Top Pick of the 3 Best Yoga Retreats worldwide:


  • NIHI Sumba – Bali Indonesia

    The NIHI Sumba offers the best yoga and wellness experience. The amazing views and calm environment will boost up your positive energy levels and you will feel a lot relaxed. Take some complimentary group classes that are offered daily on the hilltop pavilion and relax your mind, spirit, and body. You can also book a Yoga guru for your own guest villa or any breathtaking location around the island. The Resort offers different classes of Yoga, and you can check the further details here. (https://nihi.com/sumba/experiences/wellness/yoga )

    • Sen Wellness Sanctuary – Sri Lanka

      Sen Wellness Sanctuary is a peaceful haven for all those people who want to experience the ancient healing traditions of yoga. It is founded by London-based osteopath Dr. Sam Kankanamge. The programs include meditation and yoga treatments, Ayurvedic cooking classes, sound and gong baths for deep relaxation. The Bespoke Retreats at Sen Wellness Sanctuary are available throughout the year and have different wellness programs that can range from 1 to 14 days. The Signature Retreats also take place seasonally which includes a 9-day holistic journey.

      • Ashiyana – India

        Your list of yoga retreats would be incomplete without visiting India as it is the birthplace of yoga. The Ashiyana Goa is one of the best places to relax your mind, spirit, and body. The extensive range of retreats are offered throughout the year, and you can even design your own yoga class. Enjoy holistic yoga therapy, meditation, massage, and pranayama with your friends and family members at Ashiyana and have the best vacation of your life.

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