The 5 Smallest and Cutest Dog Breeds

The 5 Smallest and Cutest Dog Breeds

Dogs… We all just love them and their wagging tails. No matter the size or height, all the dogs are cute and they deserve all the love in the world. Some people prefer tiny dogs because they can be easily adjusted in the apartment and can be carried everywhere.

The dogs that belong to the toy group are really cute, affectionate, and sociable. Here are the 5 smallest and cutest dog breeds!

  • Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers belong to the toy group breeds and are really cute. Their average height is 7-8 inches and they weigh around 7 pounds. This breed is a dedicated plus protective companion and you will love to have them around you.

Although, Yorkies are high-energy dogs but they do not need a lot of exercises. They are high-maintenance dogs as they require a lot of grooming regularly.

You have to brush their long coat every day. The average life expectancy of Yorkshire Terrier is 11-15 years. 

  • Maltese

Maltese are gentle, charming, and playful dogs and look very graceful. The height of the dog is 7-8 inches and weighs under 7 pounds. Maltese are affectionate dogs and they have a long, straight silky coat that needs to be brushed every single day. They have big dark eyes and black gumdrop noses. Maltese are full of energy but a little walk around the neighborhood can suffice them.

  • Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are graceful and sassy dogs who love to charm everyone around them. The average height of this breed is 5-8 inches and it does not weigh more than 6 pounds.

They have a huge personality and have a rounded apple head with erect ears. Their full, luminous eyes enchant everyone and are also expressive. The Chihuahuas have both long coats and smooth coats. The smooth coat ones don’t require everyday brushing whereas the long coat ones need a lot of grooming.

  • Pomeranian

    The Pomeranian is a bold, inquisitive and lively little dog. They are also known as the ideal companion and are loved by both Royals and commoners. The average height of a Pomeranian dog is 6-7 inches and it weighs around 3-7 pounds only.

    They have a long glorious coat, foxy face and it appears to everyone that they are smiling.


    • Papillon

    The Papillon dogs are happy, friendly, and alert dogs. The average papillon weighs around 5-10 pounds and the height is 8-11 inches.

    Papillons have large, wing-shaped ears and a cute plumed tail. Surprisingly, Papillon doesn’t require everyday grooming as they don’t have an undercoat.

    They are smart and active dogs and they love to walk, play and run.

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