The 8 Best Hand Sanitizers 2021

The 8 Best Hand Sanitizers 2021

Sanitizers have become part of our lives as we take them wherever we go and are needed most of the time of the day. After the Covid-19 pandemic, they have become as necessary as a mobile phone and we can’t deny their importance. You should always carry a sanitizer wherever you go as you don’t have any idea if the place you are visiting has water and soap available or not. Thanks to all the great hand sanitizer companies for making pocket-friendly hand sanitizers so we can take them everywhere with us.

What is a sanitizer?

We all know what a hand sanitizer is but most of us don’t know what it must contain to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. According to World Health Organization (WHO), Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a sanitizer must contain 60% or more than 60% of alcohol content to be effective. It can be a gel or a liquid and can come in different packages.

Many of the hand sanitizers available in the market are not authentic and they either contain so much alcohol that makes our hands dry or contain little amount of alcohol which is not adequate to kill germs. Many companies have started making sanitizers that are hydrating and are actually good for the skin. If you are looking for hand sanitizers, then here is the list of the top 8 hand sanitizers of 2021. Check them out!


  1. The Cleaner Soul Hand Sanitizer

The Cleaner Soul Hand Sanitizer is a must-have as it will make your hands feel smoother like never before. Yes, you can ditch the lotion now because it will hydrate your hands exactly like a lotion. This luxurious hand serum contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extracts. Both of the ingredients are good for the skin as they are soothing and hydrating. This hand sanitizer also makes sure that you are free from bacteria, viruses, and germs.

The cleaner Soul hand sanitizer only contains 62.5% Ethyl Alcohol, water, aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid, EthylHexyGlycerin, and glycerin. This makes The Cleaner Soul Hand Sanitizer effective and also hydrating. The sanitizer is free from parabens, formaldehyde, sulfate, and phthalates. The bottle size is perfect as you can keep it at your home or in your bag. The bottle is also made of glass which makes the product sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The hand sanitizer ensures that after its application your skin is silky smooth, germ-free, and smells like refreshing lime citrus. The Cleaner Soul Hand Sanitizers are made of clean and organic ingredients only and are good for you and your family members.

2. Rouge T2 Hand Sanitizer

The Rouge T2 Hand Sanitizer by Soaplicity is one in a million. It is so great that you would want to use it again and again. It contains 60.6% isopropyl alcohol and witch hazel which help to keep those pesky germs away from you. It also contains aloe vera juice and glycerin that are super hydrating and protect the skin. The Rogue Essential Oil by Soaplicity, tea tree, and thyme essential oils are also added so you can smell great. Hence, these hand sanitizer has all the three properties that you have been looking for that are fragrance, hydration, and sanitization.

The Rogue T2 hand sanitizer is gluten, sulfate, paraben, and formaldehyde-free and is also vegan. It is also 100% silicone-free and doesn’t contain any color or artificial scent. This hand sanitizer is also cruelty-free, vegan, and is made of organic products.

This hydrating hand sanitizer comes in a spray bottle which is convenient to take everywhere. The spray hand sanitizers are great because they are easy to use and you can use less amount of spray as compared to the gel. The results are the same but the spray ones are economical. This germicide spray will keep you healthy so don’t forget to purchase it.

3. SVEDA Organics Hand Sanitizer

SVEDA Organics Hand sanitizers are great for you and your family. The hand sanitizers are quite effective and are available in different forms. Most people usually think that sanitizers are only available in gel form but to their surprise, they can also be in wipes and sprays. The SVEDA Organics features sanitizing wipes, sprays, and gels for everyone.

The SVEDA Organics Hand Sanitizing Wipes contains 70% alcohol which meets the new FDA Standards. It kills 99.9% of germs and is completely scent-free. The hand sanitizing wipes are small and travel-friendly so you can keep them in your bag and pockets. Just remove the wipe covering, take out the wipe, pick from one hand and wipe the other. These sanitizing wipes are light-free so you can keep them as much as you think you need in your bag.

The SVEDA Organics Hand Sanitizer also comes in a pump bottle. It is also made of 70% alcohol and keeps the hands moisturized and soft. This hand sanitizer gel is also FDA approved and helps to kill 99.99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria. This hand sanitizer gel is efficient and quick-drying. Your hands will become clean and feel smoother.

The SVEDA Organic spray hand sanitizer is made of 80% alcohol which is scent-free. This kills 99.9% of germs and is FDA approved. This spray hand sanitizer absorbs very quickly and makes the skin smooth as well. One or two spritzes are enough to sanitize both hands.

The SVEDA Organics hand sanitizers have great quality and are completely natural and organic. You will absolutely love their sanitizing products and will be happy with your purchase.

     4. Sanitizer (

The Sanitizer by is really the best. The is a remarkable sanitizer that is also multi-purpose. This sanitizer can be used for both hands and surfaces. It kills 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria, and even spores. The Sanitizer by uses the World Health Organization approved formula. It contains 80% isopropyl alcohol which makes sure that not a single virus resides in your hand.

The formula is fast-acting and non-drying. It also doesn’t dry out the skin. The Sanitizer is made in the USA and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients nor any chemicals. It is completely free from harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, or methanol. It contains only active isopropyl Alcohol 80% and Hydrogen Peroxide 0.125%, glycerin, and purified water.

The Sanitizer comes in a small spray bottle and has beautiful packaging. It also looks as clear as running water. The Sanitizer by is worth spending your money on and we are sure you will love each drop of it. This sanitizer helps to save both money and time as you can use it on your hands and the devices and surface. Just spray a little amount on the device or surface you want to sanitize and let it dry. Your surroundings will be germ and virus-free with the help of this sanitizer. It is also very lightweight and hence you can take it wherever you go.

5. Touchland Hand Sanitizer

Touchland Hand Sanitizer is really the best in the business. The reason is that it is so hydrating that you will get confused if this is the sanitizer or a lotion. Its quick-drying formula and non-greasy texture are worth mentioning. The Touchland Hand Sanitizer helps to protect against 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs so you can be happy and healthy. It is also dermatologically tested so you can use it without having a second thought.

This amazing hand sanitizer is made in Mexico but is designed in the USA. The design is so good to the eyes as it looks like a perfume bottle. It is also travel-friendly so you can put it in your pocket and bag quite easily. Another good thing is that it is so lightweight that you will completely forget if you are carrying it or not.  It comes in a spray which means that it has 20 times more application than the usual gel sanitizers. Each mist contains 600 plus spritzes which helps to get rid of germs and make hands soft and smell great. It never feels sticky and you will love to use it. It is fast evaporating and leaves no sticky residue or alcohol smell.

The hand sanitizer formula is packed with ingredients like hydrating Aloe Vera and a blend of essential oils so your hands can become softer and smoother. It also contains 67% of Ethyl Alcohol which makes it an excellent germicide. The Touchland Hand sanitizer is available in Aloe Vera, Mint, Watermelon, Citrus, Forest berry, Lavender, and Vanilla Cinnamon fragrances. There is also a fragrance-free sanitizer for people who have allergies.  The Touchland Hand Sanitizer is also completely free from triclosan and paraben. It also has a vegan formula and is cruelty-free. We believe that you will love this hand sanitizer as much as we do!

   6. Dr. Brite Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Brite Hand Sanitizer is one of the best hand sanitizers because it has all the characteristics in a hand sanitizer that you have been looking for. This sanitizer helps to hydrate your hands and kill bacteria and germs as well. The Dr. Brite Hand Sanitizer formula is created by the doctors that also combines the CDC recommended strength of 70% isopropyl alcohol. The formula also contains essential oils and moisturizers that help to keep hands soft and smell great. Only clean ingredients and medical-grade isopropyl alcohol are used to make this hand sanitizer. Your hands will also not be dried as the great moisturizers are present in the bottle.

The Dr. Brite Hand Sanitizer comes in different packaging and sizes which includes, key chain sanitizers, spray bottles, pumps, capped bottles, and  1 gallon bottles. You can choose the size according to your own needs. The Dr. Brite Hand sanitizer is also available in different scents which includes Eucalyptus and peppermint citrus, cranberry cider, winter air hand, balsam pine, and pumpkin spice. There is also an unscented one for people who don’t like any smell or prefer hypoallergenic products.

This hand sanitizer also has over 5,000 Star reviews which means people are loving it. The Dr. Brite Hand Sanitizer is also free from methanol which is hazardous for our skin and health. It is also environmentally friendly so you can use it without any guilt. The Dr.Brite Hand Sanitizer is really great and you will not regret buying it.

7. Curie Hand Sanitizer

    If you need a hand sanitizer that will keep your hands hydrated and make them smell good then Curie Hand Sanitizers would be the best option for you. This clean gel hand sanitizer contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and prickly pear seed oil which helps to moisturize the hands while killing the bacteria, viruses, and germs at the same time. These ingredients help to improve skin elasticity and make the hands feel smoother and softer. You will be free of all the germs and your hands will be moisturized too. It’s a win-win situation.

    The Curie Hand sanitizer is really effective as it contains 70% of ethyl alcohol. The hand sanitizer is made only with clean ingredients that meet the FDA guidelines. The packaging used to make Curie Hand Sanitizer is also 100% recyclable which means you don’t have to worry about the environment. This hand sanitizer is also cruelty-free and comes with a bunny label.

    The Curie Hand Sanitizer comes in three different scents which include Orange Neroli, White Tea, and Grapefruit Classis fragrance. The Orange Neroli hand sanitizer features floral notes of neroli and citrus. It will make you feel fresh. The White Tea Hand Sanitizer contains a mild scent that smells like you are at the spa whereas the Grapefruit Classis scent is bright and effervescent. The Curie Hand Sanitizer is worth the money and you will surely love it!

         8. Aesop Resurrection Hand Sanitizer

    The Aesop “Resurrection” Hand Sanitizer is simply amazing. It has a non-drying formula and hydrating properties so you can have clean and smooth hands with just a single drop of sanitizer. The alcohol-based formula is award-winning because it doesn’t feature any harsh or harmful ingredients. . After the application, the skin feels clean, fresh, non-sticky, and smooth. The aroma is woody, citrus, and herbaceous. The Aesop Hand sanitizers are also completely vegan and are not tested on animals.

    The Aesop Hand Sanitizer comes in pocket-sized packing so you can take it with you wherever you go. It is so small that you can easily take it anywhere

    These are the top 8 hand sanitizers and all of them are superb. Each one is hydrating and purifying so you can experience clean and smooth hands without worrying about germs and dehydrated skin.


    Yes, a hand sanitizer is great but you should also use it with great caution. Here are

    • Never use a hand sanitizer before cooking because it contains alcohol and is flammable.
    • Do not touch your eyes right after using hand sanitizer.
    • If your hands are visibly dirtier, then it is best to wash than sanitize.
    • Keep hand sanitizers at a cool temperature.
    • Do not put hand sanitizer in a car, near a stove or heater.
    • If indigested accidentally then rush to the nearest hospital.


    We can not wash our hands all the time so sanitizers are the best option. Moreover, one has to wash hands for at least 20 seconds to keep the hands germ-free. The sanitizer helps greatly and is a great problem solver. We are sure that you will love these hand sanitizers and buy them for your family and friends.


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