The Best Reusable Face Masks To Wear Right Now

The Best Reusable Face Masks To Wear Right Now

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, medical masks have become part of our lives.

Face masks provide us maximum protection from viral and bacterial infectious diseases and from pollution as well. Whether you are vaccinated or not, wearing masks is still mandatory at most places.
There are different types of masks available and we encourage you to start using reusable masks. Reusable face masks offer you great benefits as these masks are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and budget-friendly. You don’t have to buy the masks again and again and you can reuse them after washing them. They also lessen the risk of pollution after you discard them.
Our top picks for the best reusable face masks to wear are enlisted below:


  1. Aegis

Aegis has a great variety of face masks with unique designs and different color schemes to choose from. The best feature that makes Aegis Masks unique is the use of the PM 2.5 filter which plays a very important role in the prevention of respiratory infectious diseases and pollution particles. All the masks are made of sustainable fabric and hence are eco-friendly. Wash the masks with mild detergents and they are good to be used again.

The Novum and Roseum Aegis Mask look really great and are quite comfortable to wear.

  1. Palmirya

Looking for clear face masks? Look no further because Palmirya has a great variety of clear face masks that are quite hard to find. These masks offer you a lot of benefits as they are makeup compatible, washable, and provide complete protection from all viruses and bacteria. They are also quite comfortable to wear and you can easily wear them all the time.

This Clear Face Mask by Palmirya is anti-fog and eyeglasses compatible and is available in multiple colors.

  1. Sveda Organics

SVEDA Organics’ Face Shield provides protection to your whole face from infectious diseases and pollution while showing your whole face. The mask is adjustable and hence suitable for all face sizes. The shield is made of recyclable material and can be easily cleaned. Grab yours now!

  1. Kandy Masks

Last but surely not least, Kandy Masks are known for its maximum protection as it has astounding 99.8% filtration efficiency. The masks have ultra-soft microfiber layers that makes the mask comfortable to wear and breathable, unlike other N95 masks. They also feature adjustable ear loops and flexible nose wire for the perfect fit and seal.


These are one of the best reusable face masks to wear in the USA. All these masks are affordable and you can reuse them after washing them with mild soap or detergent, so wear your reusable masks and protect yourself and your family!

Have a look at out full collection and choose the best face masks for you and your beloved ones!

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