Three Top Wellness Brands for the Winter 2020

Three Top Wellness Brands for the Winter 2020

Winter is a magical time of year, but it can also bring with it dry, cracked hands and, of course, cold and flu season. Winter is the perfect time to invest in your health to prevent the sniffles, protect against COVID-19, and keep your hands moisturized and your body healthy.

Our favorite wellness brands offer everything you could need for total body care this winter, like natural hand sanitizers, soothing body lotion, naturally cleansing hand soaps, and cozy scented candles. These brands offer the highest quality products and benefits for the good of the world as well, including women owned, LGBTQ+ allied businesses that offer nontoxic, environmentally friendly and cruelty free products.

You can trust in these brands for the best hand sanitizers, natural hand soaps and more that will keep you and your family safe and healthy this winter.


Itemerie – Ethically Sourced, Handmade Wellness Products and Gifts

Natural Hand Soaps

Itemerie’s natural hand soaps are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and all-natural soaps with nourishing ingredients like olive oil, milk and honey, and shea butter. Their powerful cleansing properties come from natural antiseptics like lavender and toxin-fighting charcoal.

These soaps are gentle, soothing and will leave your hands soft and smooth instead of cracked this winter. They are handmade, locally sourced and are certified zero waste. The packaging for itemerie’s soaps is an all-natural beeswax wrap that can be easily composted or washed and reused to wrap items like food or gifts!

Aromatherapy Candles

Itemerie’s cozy candles and scented diffusers are the perfect addition to your home for the winter season. They are all-natural, with plant based ingredients and aromatherapy scents to soothe and heal. Choose from chic, subtle diffusers handmade in the U.S.A. or hand-poured candles made with 100% vegan, plant based wax and fragrances.

All their aromatherapy products are nontoxic and cruelty free, so you can relax with the simple luxury of a clean, fresh smelling home.

Sustainable Business Model

Our favorite part of Itemerie’s sustainable business model is the 100% transparency on their site. Every product comes labeled with ‘badges’ that display whether the product is vegan, handmade, all-natural, zero waste, and where it was sourced. All their products are 100% ethically made and nontoxic, however some are not vegan (for example the soaps that contain honey) and some are sustainably sourced in Canada instead of the U.S.

All this important information is clearly shown for each product, so you know exactly what you’re getting and can easily prioritize a vegan product or a zero waste option. The transparency to show exactly where each product was sourced and how it was made is the kind of ethical business practice that sets itemerie apart and makes it easy to trust them for the best in health and wellness products.

Shop itemerie here.


Good Essentials – A Women-Owned and Led Company

We trust Good Essentials products to offer the best hand sanitizers and skincare with the gentlest ingredients. Good Essentials was started by two moms who wanted to bring goodness to the world and provide the essentials for other moms for the health and wellness for their children. All their products are paraben and preservative-free as well as cruelty free, always.

Quality Hand Sanitizers and Gifts

Good Essentials’ natural hand sanitizers, essential skin healing balms and aromatherapy mists in an array of wellness-promoting scents. Their hand sanitizers are formulated to CDC standards and include naturally antiseptic ingredients like lavender and licorice root. Good Essentials believes in promoting the body’s natural germ-fighting abilities as well as the antiviral properties of natural herbs and oils.

They also offer A Bundle of Goodness which includes everything you need to stay healthy and safe this winter. We love the Bundle of Goodness because it includes everything you could need for germ-fighting wellness to protect against COVID-19 and cold and flu season. With two herbal-infused Hand Sanitizers, one Essential Balm, and one Aromatherapy Face & Mask Mist, you will get everything you need to stay protected, healthy and feeling good this winter.

The Bundles also make great gifts for all the on-the-go moms in your life. Powerful, all-natural hand sanitizer and soothing aromatherapy will keep moms moving, and families healthy this winter season.

Visit Good Essentials here.

OrcaSong – A Women-Lead, LGBTQ+ Owned Nonprofit Farm

OrcaSong products are intentionally designed for wellness in all forms. Their organic farm powers the brands all-natural hand soaps and sanitizers and promotes equity for LGTBQ+ individuals and allies, as well as supporting OrcaSong’s own climate resiliency initiative.

OrcaSong Hand Sanitizers

OrcaSong offers organic, natural hand sanitizers that fight germs and leave a non-sticky finish to keep your hands soft and smooth. With CDC-compliant alcohol content and soothing Aloe and Vitamin E, they are the best sanitizers to keep you protected from COVID-19 and other dangerous germs. Their hand soaps are naturally formulated, organic and sulfate-free for a lasting clean that keeps your hands sanitized but never dry or cracked.

OrcaSong Aromatherapy

After sanitizing, treat yourself to aromatherapy wellness with OrcaSong’s essential oils, hydrating hydrosols and soothing scents. They source their 100% plant based aromatherapy ingredients from their organic, not-for-profit farm. The OrcaSong farm supports their local community as well as the OrcaSong Institute, a climate resiliency and education initiative.

With every purchase from OrcaSong, you are not only getting quality sanitization and wellness, but you are supporting a women-lead, LGBTQ+ owned, managed and allied business. Most of all, you are supporting OrcaSong’s nonprofit foundation, seeking healing for our planet in the form of climate research and education.


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