What are Laundry Balls? Do They Really Work?

What are Laundry Balls? Do They Really Work?

If you are tired of using detergents that cause irritation and contain harmful chemicals, then get your hands on laundry balls. Laundry balls are a great alternative to clean your clothes naturally as they are made from nature-inspired technology and don’t contain any chemicals.

Here is everything you need to know about these balls.

What are Laundry Balls?

Laundry balls are softballs that are made of rubber material and are filled with hundreds of tiny bio-ceramic balls. They provide a natural way to wash your laundry without using any harmful ingredients. These balls are great for people who have sensitive skin or any allergies to ingredients used in detergents.

How do these balls work?

The laundry balls work in a very different way. The ceramic balls that are inside them are moved in the washer which increases the pH level of water and reduces negative ions. This creates a natural Hydrogen Peroxide kind of effect which helps to keep the laundry cleaner and smell fresher.

Our New Reusable Laundry Cleaning Balls are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and order-free. Your clothes will come out cleaner, fresher, and free from pathogenic organisms. For best results, use 2 laundry balls. These laundry balls are safe for all fabrics and colors and you can wash anything with them.


What are Dryer Balls?

Another type of laundry balls are dryer balls, and they are used as a natural alternative to liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. These balls come in different sizes and materials and are mostly made of wool material. The wool dryer balls are used to boost up the drying process and soften fabrics. If you are in a hurry and need to wash your favorite shirt then dryer balls will surely help you out as they will save your time.

Get your hands on our Organic Hypoallergenic Wool Tumble Dryer ball and save yourself from irritants and electricity bills. These reusable balls are made of 100% natural New Zealand wool and are great for people with sensitive skin. They also absorb the water before and during the drying process and soften the fabric.

For clean and soft laundry, use Laundry Cleaning Balls to remove dirt and bacteria from your clothes and then dry them with Wool Dryer Balls.

The laundry balls will help you to save money, electricity, and your skin. Use them once and you will never go back to detergents.

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