Where Can I Purchase Mini Hand Sanitizer In Bulk For An Event?

Where Can I Purchase Mini Hand Sanitizer In Bulk For An Event?

As cities and states begin to loosen up shelter in place orders, we’re eagerly watching bits and pieces of our normal lives start to return, even if it means we’re still behind masks spaced six feet apart. 

If you’ve been to any kind of special event since your home state or city reopened, there were likely some measures in place to keep everyone safe, such as:

  • Limiting the number of attendees
  • Special seating that kept everyone spaced at least six feet apart
  • Special cleaning measures
  • Masks with business names or ads on them
  • Mini hand sanitizers with custom logos or symbols

We are a resourceful species, and we’ve proven this time and again during the pandemic. Now, as we begin to slowly reopen, we are still committed to keeping safe in how we protect ourselves and others, and being inventive with how we approach events for larger numbers of people. 

One surefire way to approach this is to create our events around safety instead of adding safety into the event. In other words, to plan a truly safe event, safety should be made the number one priority, and the other aspects of the event should be built around it. 

If you’re afraid that may detract from the focal point of the event itself, don’t worry -- there are tons of creative ideas we can put in place for events like conferences, festivals, concerts, and fundraisers that keep safety first while still making for a fun and festive atmosphere.

During a normal year, planning a big event is stressful as is. Couple that with pandemic-level challenges and you’ve got quite the task on your plate. So, if you’re ready to plan an event and are feeling stuck, let us help with some creative ways to have a safe event that doesn’t put fun on the backburner. 

Where to Start

The first thing you need to do is figure out if your event is legal under your city or state’s current mandates. 

While most states have loosened up guidelines for event venues and guest capacities, some states are still battling higher numbers of COVID. Check with your local and state government websites to see what rules you need to stick to so you can make sure your event doesn’t have to be a secret gathering (sorry, we know how cool it sounds to throw an underground charity fundraiser). 

Something else to keep in mind is that your guests might approach lifted restrictions a little differently from one another. While some people are waiting for the moment to ditch their masks the first chance they get, others may feel they are best protected and are best protecting others by keeping that mask on as much as they can. 

The best thing you can do as an event planner is to just follow the recommended guidelines

Currently, the CDC lists these best practices for events:

  1. Distancing. Plan your event so that people can socially distance.

  1. Signage. Use signage as friendly reminders for guests to wash hands, keep their distance, and turn those hugs and hand-shakes into elbow bumps and waves. 

  1. Supplies. Provide safety supplies for your event like masks, hand sanitizer, and access to hand washing if possible. 

How to Promote Safety During the Event

Regardless of whether you are hosting a small school fundraiser or an entire conference, you want people to feel at ease and enjoy themselves while also staying safe.

One easy thing to do if you’re hosting a smaller event with a familiar community of people is to have members of that community participate in a safety-related video that plays during the event, preferably with a little humor thrown in. Not only does this make it more likely that your attendees will actually watch the video, but it provides safety reminders without being too serious or dampening the mood. 

Here are some other ways to easily promote safety:

  1. Branded PPE. A great way to engage your attendees and get them on board with safety requirements is by offering branded personal protective equipment. One of the easiest ways to encourage someone to wear a mask is to give them one for free. Even the most resistant of mask-wearers will be more likely to cover up if they receive a free mask as swag that’s unique to the event or event sponsors.

  1. Social Distancing Signs. Get creative with “skip this seat” signs to help direct each guest to a seat that is safely distanced from other guests. This is also your chance to lighten the mood and use puns or funny images to encourage some space. 

  1. Creative catering and food supply. Practically every event has some type of food component, and it can be virtually impossible to safely serve food for a larger event unless you plan to use a waitstaff. Get creative by using prepackaged meals, or individually wrapped meals catered by a local restaurant. Many struggling food service vendors are offering new and innovative ways to help you cater your event in a way that is both safe and delicious.

  1. Customized sanitizing supplies. No matter the event, you’re going to need sanitizing supplies. One of the best ways to keep guests safe and offer them a token of gratitude for their attendance is by offering swag bags or small event souvenirs like the masks mentioned above. Another great idea for these types of gifts are branded or logoed mini hand sanitizers. Not only will this encourage guests to use the hand sanitizer during the event, they’ll also be taking home some very portable, conveniently-sized, easy to use sanitizer -- it’s good for your event, good for your guests, and good for the world. 

Where Can I Get the Best Deal on Mini Hand Sanitizer?

You’ll find great customer service and the best deals on bulk order mini hand sanitizers through Sanitizer.com. Our staff is available to take custom orders for any size event, and we can help you create a custom design for your hand sanitizer bottles. We stand behind our hand sanitizer as some of the best available on the market. 

Our hand sanitizer is:

  • Safe. We don’t use harsh ingredients or ingredients you can’t pronounce. Isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin (to keep skin soft), and purified water. That’s all you’ll find inside our bottles because that’s all you need for clean hands and surfaces.  

  • Effective. According to the CDC, hand sanitizer must contain at least 60% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol to be effective. Our formula contains 80% isopropyl alcohol -- we don’t play around with cleanliness. 

  • Available. There’s no way you’ll be able to get enough hand sanitizer for your event from a big box store. Not only are shelves virtually empty across most of the country, but there are typically restrictions on how much sanitizer you can buy, too. Sanitizer.com maintains a good supply because our business model includes a subscription service that helps prevent consumer hoarding and gives everyone the sanitizer they need, when they need it.

  • Affordable. We can complete your custom order for bulk sanitizer for less than you may think. We’re anti-price gouging, and we refuse to take part in business practices that hike up the prices of basic health and wellness items needed by everyone. 

  • Made in the USA. When you buy from Sanitizer.com, you’re funneling money into a company right here at home. Our products are made in the USA and ship right after purchase, though we’d appreciate a little extra time if you’re placing an extra large order. 

You can easily plan an event this year that is both safe and enjoyable if you take a few extra steps toward careful planning. Creatively branding items that can help keep your event safe is a great way to ensure everyone stays safe without feeling policed.

Sanitizer.com can help your guests keep their hands clean and offer them a token of appreciation for their attendance by creating personalized mini hand sanitizers for an event of any size, so check out our marketplace today and get to planning!





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