Why You Should Embrace the Bar Soap Trend

Why You Should Embrace the Bar Soap Trend

Yes, the bar soap trend is making a huge comeback in our hygiene practices and we are quite happy about it.

Not long ago, we only had bar soaps in our washrooms with which we used to wash our hands, body, and even faces. Then the bar soaps were replaced by body wash, face wash, and hand wash after being notorious for drying out the skin and being unhygienic. Additionally, shower gel and body wash seemed fancier, so a lot of people switched to body washes as well.

The Bar soaps are making headlines now and people are loving them as well. They have a lot of benefits, some of those benefits are described below:

  • The bar soaps are also very cost-effective. They are usually cheaper than the liquid soaps and also last very long.
  • They are also environmentally friendly as they either have paper coverings or no covering at all. And if you have finished using the bar then there is nothing left to be thrown away. On the other hand, the liquid soaps come in plastic bottles which are not good for our planet.
  • The bar soaps are also quite gentle to the skin as they contain fewer ingredients than shower gels and body washes. Many of the bar soaps today contains different ingredients like glycerin and natural oils that are really great for the skin and make it smooth and effective.
  • Bar soaps are completely hygienic. They used to be considered unhygienic as it was believed that bacteria and germs reside on the surface of the soap. This is not true at all, the germs and bacteria wash away with the water and hence soap bars are equally safe to use.
  • Bar soaps are also great for people with sensitive skin. They typically don’t need preservatives and hence are free of parabens.

If you are looking for organic bar soaps, then we have a great collection of them. The Soaplicity’s Bar Soaps are handcrafted in the cold-process method and are completely vegan. They only contain 100% pure natural ingredients and are free from chemicals, artificial fragrances, and colors. They have deodorizing, exfoliating, facial, and exclusive men’s soap bars. Alchemy Soap Bar, Primal Soap Bar, Voodo Soap Bar and Be Calm Soap bar are one of their best soap bars.


You can also check the rest of them here.


The Dr. Jacobs Naurals soaps are also great and are specially formulated for people who have sensitive to very dry skin conditions like eczema. The soap contains natural glycerin content which is very hydrating and moisturizing than traditional bars. These soap bars are also formulated without any chemicals and preservatives. Citrus Crush Cocktail, Lucy Rose, Coco Loco Limeade, Luscious Lavender, Muddy Charcoal, and Minty Cucumber Mojito are the moisturizing bar soaps introduced by Dr. Jacobs Natural that are excellent for all skin types.



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