Rogue T2 - Countertop Cleaner & Disinfecting Spray, 16 oz.

Rogue T2 - Countertop Cleaner & Disinfecting Spray, 16 oz.

Fulfilled by our friends at Soaplicity - Rogue T2 Countertop Disinfectant Spray is made with a powerful combination of isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide (at the same 50% concentration used in hospitals to clean surfaces during the COVID-19 pandemic), witch hazel extract, our legendary Rogue Essential Oil Blend, and added Tea Tree and Thyme essential oils.The scent is spicy-citrus-herbal. 

Just spray on your countertops and sinks and wipe down with a paper towel, wet or dry.

CAUTION: Not to be used on painted surfaces or the body. Keep away from eyes and children. If it gets into eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes and call a doctor. 

NOTE Due to container shortages at this time the spray bottle shape and color may vary, but you will always get 16 oz. We are getting whatever we can get our hands on!

Wholesale Limit - 30 per order

IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: If you live outside of Utah and your order contains any of our pure essential oil blends, Rogue T2 Hand Spray, or Rogue T2 Countertop spray you must choose UPS Ground shipping (customers in Utah can also choose in-store pick-up or local delivery). Federal guidelines prohibit air delivery of undiluted essential oils or products containing alcohol due to the oils' flashpoints causing possible combustion. Our Essential Oils, hand sprays, and countertop cleaners can only be ground shipped to the continental US, lower 48. 

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