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Hand Sanitizer Benefits

Everyday it becomes clearer that everything in this world is interconnected, and we recognize that. We want to do our part to keep everyone healthy.

We started sanitizer.com to help you keep your hands and devices germ free with highly effective, multi-purpose sanitizer sprays. Our service is an alternative to unethical hoarding by delivering just the amount you need on a monthly basis, and will allow our customers to carry forward this healthy habit after the COVID19 crisis is beaten back.

"The earth provides enough for every man's need, but not every man's greed." - Mahatma Gandhi

In early March 2020, news of the COVID19 pandemic hit the mainstream media airwaves in the US and suddenly toilet paper, medical masks and hand sanitizer became scarce as profiteers and hoarders bought up and stockpiled all the supplies they could find.  

We were sickened by the unnecessarily empty shelves in pharmacies, hoarding by some consumers and price gouging on the web. This not only put people at increased risk of infection but created a collective sense of panic, lack and anxiety during an already terrifying time.

We manage our supply chain to ensure the most people possible have access to hand sanitizer. We’ll diligently keep you stocked – just set it and forget it. So you’ll always have enough. And so will your neighbors. Together we can make our communities safer and healthier.

Our Values

We are ANTI price gouging and hoarding

We are PRO clean, soft, nice-smelling hands for everyone