Breathe Clean Personal Air Purifier by UVCareUSA

Breathe Clean Personal Air Purifier by UVCareUSA

Fulfilled by our friends at UVCareUSA - Unlike our other products, this product does not contain UV as it is meant to be worn by the user. StayFresh Cañada! Breathe Clean is the first revolutionary portable purifier that delivers fresh air anytime anywhere. It is a personal rechargeable air purifier that continuously emits 5 million healthy Anions per cm3 / second and takeaway airborne pollutants. (UV & OZONE FREE)


This product is UV and OZONE FREE.

StayFresh Cañada! Breathe Clean air purification creates a 3 feet zone of cleaner and healthier air around your personal space.

StayFresh Cañada! Breathe Clean can be charged easily through a USB cable (included inside the box). It is lightweight, portable (lanyard included) and easy to use. You can wear it to create a cleaner zone of healthier air while traveling in public places with poor air quality.

• It quietly runs for 10 to 12 hours on full charge.
• 2 to 3 hours for full charge
• The unit includes USB Cable and lanyard so you can easily wear it anytime and anywhere. 
• Weight: 45 grams 
• Product dimensions: 68 mm x 38 mm x 16 mm
• Negative Ions: 5 Million/ cm3
• Run Time: More than 10 hours
• Charge Time: 2 to 3 Hours
• Power type: Polymer lithium battery


**This product does not make claims that it can kill Covid-19 virus. 

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