Brun Shampoo Bar by Soaplicity

Brun Shampoo Bar by Soaplicity

Fulfilled by our friends at Soaplicity

Brun is the first in our line of healthy, all-natural shampoo bars (no parabens or sulfates) that gently cleanse your hair. Key essential oils of Rosemary and Peppermint help tone down greys, add fantastic body & shine. Macademia Nut Oil protects hair coloring. Botanical oils and butters reduce the amount of product you need on your hair over time. The minty smell awakens the senses.  Once you try them, you will never want to go back to liquid shampoos! Can be used on any color of hair to add depth.

    TO USE: Simply lather up like a normal soap, then gently massage through hair.  Let it sit for 15-30 seconds or more, then rinse. The longer you leave it, the darker your hair will appear.  Follow up with a healthy conditioner as the bar shampoo prepares the hair to receive more moisture and to lock it in!

    SIZE: All of our soaps are a generous 4 oz or more! This will last about 3 months, depending on how frequently you wash and length of hair.

    NOTE: These bars contain nut oils.

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