KandyMask Loyalty 5.0 Pollution Mask - with Valves by www.kandymask.co

KandyMask Loyalty 5.0 Pollution Mask - with Valves by www.kandymask.com

Fulfilled by our friends at www.kandymask.com. Do you want a mask that is comfortable to wear and protects you at the same time? Of course, you would!  KandyMask is a stylish high-performance face mask engineered for maximum respiratory protection and comfort.  




  • >99% viral, bacteria, and particle filtration efficiency to protect you and others.
  • A 4 layer polypropylene system for effective respiratory protection.
  • Flexible nose wire to help create the right seal.
  • Dual valves increase the breathability and comfort
  • Reduces fogging for glasses wearers as valves release moisture.
  • 4 available sizes - (small, medium, large, and extra-large)
  • Comfortable to wear .for long periods of time.
  • Reusable and washable with warm water and soap.
  • Product safety performed by UL.
  • Filtration efficiency is proven by Nelson Labs.

“Our mission is to protect your lungs without sacrificing style.”

✅ RESPIRATORY PROTECTION:  When you wear our face mask it helps to protect your lungs from dust, pollen, ash, PM2.5, and other airborne particles through advanced filtration and activated carbon layers.

✅ HIGH-GRADE FILTRATION: Kandmask's are reusable, using two layers of filter media, sewn into the mask.  We use a high-efficiency particle filter to help protect against microscopic particles and a carbon layer to help against odors.

✅  INCREASED COMFORT & REDUCED FOGGING Our dual valve face masks are designed to help you stay cool providing much more comfort. It reduces the internal comfort of the mask by at least 10°F keeping you cool all day. Great for glasses wearers as it reduces fog by releasing moisture  No longer do you need to suffer through the day feeling hot and muggy or having your glasses fog up every few minutes.

✅ RIGHT SIZE & FIT: We understand that we all come in different shapes and sizes so we have created different sizes for the whole family.  We also have adjustable nosebands to ensure the mask fits around the contour of your nose for a tight fit.

✅ BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS: We protect your lungs from contaminants without sacrificing style.  Our design team is fanatical about making sure you look your best.

✅ ECO-FRIENDLY & REUSABLE: Our face masks are reusable for 3-12 months depending on air quality conditions in your area.  You can hand wash the masks with warm water and soap by using a damp cloth.

✅ EXPERIENCE: Our founders have over 10 years of experience in the air quality business providing filtration solutions to over 30,000 clients and most of the Fortune 500 companies.


Technical Specifications

Particle filtration efficiency (NaCI) 97.14% between 0.075 and 0.3 micron
Viral filtration efficiency (VFE) 99.80%
Bacterial filtration efficiency  (BFE) 99.76%
Particle filtration efficiency (PFE) 99.30% at 0.3 micron
Differential pressure (breathability) 7.8 mm H2O/cm2
Filtration Testing Laboratory Nelson Labs
Bacteria/Particle Filtration efficiency Exceeds ASTM F2100 Level, 1,2,3
# of layers 4
Color Grey
Filter Media Proprietary polypropylene microfilter
Activated carbon layer Yes
Exhalation valve
Yes, 2 on each side
Adjustable earloops No
Flexible nose wire Yes
Valves  Yes, 2 valves
Class Premium, non-medical, consumer protection
Number of layers 4
Application Work, exercise, shopping, daily protection
Care and maintenance Hand wash warm water and soap, hang dry
Filter included
Yes, the entire mask is the filter
Life expectancy 6-12 months depending on usage
Included in the package 1 x Mask
Packaging on arrival Heat-sealed (only end-user can open
Packaging Dimensions 22 x 15 x 2 (cm) / 5.9 x 8.6 x 0.78 (in)
Packaging weight 35 (g) / 1.23 (oz)
Other certification GB/T 32610-2016 (daily protective use)


General appearance after laundering (pass) No open seams, holes, snags, runs, loose threads, excessive pilling, puckering, etc.
Shape Distortion after laundering (pass) No evidence of twisting
Flame Resistance 16 CFR PART 1610 Pass
Analytical ASTM F2617-08e1 Pass
Overall product safety Pass
Certified testing agency
(UL) Underwriters Laboratories CTL Division


DISCLAIMER: KandyMask is a non-medical reusable mask with filtration properties intended for general public use only. They are not intended for use in any clinical or surgical setting.

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