Kitchen & Garden Soap Bar by Soaplicity

Kitchen & Garden Soap Bar by Soaplicity

Fulfilled by our friends at Soaplicity

Our Kitchen & Gardener Bar not only gets tough dirt and plant stains off hands and fingers, it is also the perfect kitchen soap to clean gucky hands. We especially love it when cooking with raw meats!

We infuse pure Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils with nourishing and hydrating oils and butters of Coconut, Hemp Oil, Kokum Butter, Sal Butter, and Apricot Kernel Oil for a refreshing scent and feel. Then we stir in corn grit for strong exfoliation to get the deep-down dirt and germs that embed in fingerprints and nail beds. Lastly, we blend in skin-restorative organic comfrey leaf powder for the perfect bar that no kitchen or gardener should be without.

NOTE:  Use only on hands. The corn grit is too exfoliating for the body.

Size:  4 oz. or more!

NOTE:  This product contains nut oils.


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