Men's Shaving Sets in Bamboo by Soaplicity

Men's Shaving Sets in Bamboo by Soaplicity

Fulfilled by our friends at Soaplicity

The Soaplicity Men's Shaving Set is a uniquely rugged experience, and has been described by many customers as "the best shave they ever had." All of our soaps are all-natural and perfectly formulated to provide just the right amount moisture and slip to help reduce nicks and cuts while tightening the skin, often reducing the need for aftershave products. Choose the perfect set for the hard-to-by-for man in your life. Also comes in Dark Set in datewood (see separate listing).

Each Men's Shaving Set contains the following:

1 - Shaving Soap (Your choice of scent: Unscented, Crisp [Eucalyptus & Cornmint], Redwood [Woody], and Dark Matter [Tangerine Patchouli]). Each soap is a hand-crafted, all-natural, cold-process, vegan soap. Made with colloidal oatmeal for added moisture and Bentonite Clay for amazing skin detoxificaiton and slip to help eliminate nicks and cuts [Retail: $5.99]

1 - Badger Hair Shaving Brush (Grade: Best) Softer than synthetic bristles, badger hair brushes are the apex of shaving brushes, and we offer them in Best Grade, which is the middle quality that most men start with and stick with for life! [Retail: $36]

1 - Bamboo Shaving Bowl- water resistant [Retail: $14]

1- Set of Care Instructions for the best shave possible.

1- Coupon good for future purchase of Soaplicity products.

ITEM DETAILS:  All of our all-natural, cold-process soaps are 4 oz or more. The shaving brush is made with real badger hair of Best quality, which is the middle grade. Most shaving brushes of this grade retail at $50 or more. We set the price on this quality shaving brush at a reasonable price because we prefer everyone have an opportunity for a wonderful shaving experience! We select our shaving bowls not only for their craftsmanship but for their water-resistant durability.Unlike cliche ties and cologne, Soaplicity Men's Shaving Sets offer uniquely rugged experiences and are the perfect gift for the men in your life.


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