Non-Toxic Air Freshener by The Cleaner Soul

Non-Toxic Air Freshener by The Cleaner Soul

Fulfilled by our friends at The Cleaner Soul

A variety of new scents are launching Feb 2021! 

Think of this as our very own, non-toxic and all-natural version of Fabreeze! Works great everywhere! Around the house, bathrooms, cars, gym bags, even use guiltlessly on your fabrics and linens!

What it is: A 100% non-toxic, all natural air refresher, room and fabric spray. Energize your soul and surrounding space while removing odors, leaving you submerged into the warm aromas of organic essential oils. 

Safe to use in every room, car, office, gym bag, closet, etc! Offered in a large, 8oz ounce glass bottle that lasts!


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