Rugged Hard Wired Beard Oil by Soaplicity

Rugged Hard Wired Beard Oil by Soaplicity

Fulfilled by our friends at Soaplicity

Our Rugged Hard Wired Beard Oil boasts a definite outdoorsy, fresh scent with notes of pine, wood and rosemary. Not too sharp, not too sweet, and not too pine. And, because it contains Rosemary essential oil, it will also help to naturally tone down any grey in the beard!

Like all of our Hard Wired Beard Oils, it is made with a perfect base blend of 8 all-natural oils that feed & fill in your beard, eliminate beard-itch & beardruff, restore dry & damaged hair, provide day-long manageability & shine, prevent breakage, and leave your beard touchably soft & silky - not an oily mess. The scents are enticing man-blends created with 100% pure essential oils and are intoxicating and hypnotic. You will look good no matter how your wired!

Size: 1 oz. - Each beard oil comes in an amber bottle with a user-friendly euro-dropper top so you don't waste precious oil if you tip over the bottle like with bulb droppers.

To Use: Shake bottle, then to damp beard apply 6-8 drops of oil (more for longer beards) in upward direction. Massage into skin, then brush hair downward using a beard brush or fingers to separate hairs and distribute oil to ends. Apply additional drops as needed to shape & finish.

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